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The Tree vs. Me

Me and the Tree had quite the showdown.

To say that taking down a Christmas tree isn’t as fun as putting it up, is the understatement of the year…so far.

Everytime I thought I was done, I kept finding ANOTHER strand of lights that just happened to be so intertwined that I was literally thinking of just cutting the strand with scissors to be done with it!

What?…I can always just buy new $4 lights next year.

I didn’t give up. Eventually, I won (sans scissors) but there was major loss of limbs.

After all of the shredding and finger plucking I was ready for some food! A homemade pizza was sounding really good so I fell back on a great recipe I got from a friend earlier in the year, Buffalo-style Chicken Pizza.

With some shredded chicken breast, ranch, hot sauce and mozzarella cheese-this hit the spot. Full disclosure: I ate this while getting sucked into “The Craigslist Killer” on Lifetime. It was bad. I want my two hours of life back…

For the recipe, click here.

It wasn’t the greatest day yesterday, even aside from the tree fight. Being back at work was busy and hectic, wedding pressure is brewing and to top it off I haven’t been to the gym in days. My body has slept like a rock and it’s telling me that rest is what it needs at the moment. My early morning work-outs have been minimal but I’m going to Group Power tomorrow night, yay! One good thing that did come out of the day, came from trusty UPS…

My monitor for the office came!

I’m off to hook it up, but hope you guys had great Monday’s!


Once again, paint amazes me

This weekend I spent in my kitchen. Not cooking but painting and yes, it took ALL weekend. Kitchens have to be the hardest room in the house to paint with all their angles and obstacles. This little 5 foot girl moved the refrigerator and stove all by herself in order to paint her kitchen from country crock yellow to a more modern color palette leaving it in her opinion, more expensive looking. Chris would’ve helped me but he doesn’t like to reinforce my crazy behavior. He is against trying to make the house look nice at all because we don’t own it. I’m forced to use my own “play” money that we budget for to do anything home related and secretly I think he still gets annoyed I waste my money on it. I try to explain to him that it’s a disease but he just doesn’t understand. I’m happy to say that I love the way it turned out and I spent under $60 on paint, primer and a few new items from Ikea. So without further ado…here is the BEFORE and AFTER!….



I have a lot more space in this corner because I took the toaster-oven down that had been screwed into the cabinet. I hated that thing and will buy a regular toaster in the next couple of days to replace it…

I bought this fixture from Ikea-the bar and hooks were a total of about $11.00. I bought the green coffee mugs at Target for $1.99 a piece.

I still plan on getting a rug to go in the kitchen as well as place settings for the 2 bar stools that will carry the brown and lime green color scheme a little better. But I’m happy with the outcome. What do you guys think???

On to Sunday night’s dinner. With football playing all day and errands that needed to be run, the last thing I felt like doing was cooking a huge dinner. I decided to just make some three-cheese ravioli with a salad and a dinner roll. I kid you not, this dinner took all of 5 minutes…

The Meal Plan for this week should be interesting! I did such a poor job at the grocery store because I went on a whim and chose most of the dishes from the Trader Joes Companion Portable Cookbook-because I happen to have it with me! Don’t judge-some people carry novels, I will carry mini cook books to find new recipes 🙂

Monday: Simply Quiche

Tuesday: Sweet and Sour Tofu Stir Fry

Wednesday: Spinach Pesto Pasta Salad

Thursday: Southwest burritos

Friday: Easy Peasy Turkey BLT Sandwich

Saturday: Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Sunday: TBD

No Food, No Run…Just Furniture

Hello! I know this blog is called “Dine-in Dash” but every once in a while you might see a post that has to do with the home. I am pretty much obsessed with decorating and it’s a bittersweet relationship because I don’t have the money to decorate the way I want all at once. So it’ s a very SLOW and excruciating process for someone like me who has zero patience. My family salon recently closed down 😦 and my aunt let me come over last night to pick-up any furniture or odds & ends that I wanted. I am happy to report that I scored some good stuff! I mean, it can’t get better than FREE, can it!?

I have lusted after this storage desk for years and I am now the proud owner of it. The entry table I had in it’s place was a bit too antique-y looking for me so I’ve decided to give it to my mom.

Hello more storage!? Haven’t decided where this little chest will live yet but for now it’s just hosting a bunch of throws and sits in the living room.

Another minor but nice thing to score was the clock, that now resides over the TV.

My brother was nice enough to haul all of this stuff over to the house in his truck yesterday so while Chris and Jake played Playstation, I cooked a big pasta meal. I did substitute out the mozzarella for some regular marinara so it was nothing exciting and with the company I completely forgot to take a picture. (Sorry!)

I will make the dish as planned and post it in the next couple of weeks. After my brother left, I got distracted with moving furniture and hanging pictures (there was more loot, but the outcome of those pieces will come in another post!) I was too tired to run. So I didn’t.

It is my goal to have my bedroom finished by the end of September. I’m going to need 2 new lamps, a duvet cover with shams, a full-length mirror, new curtains and some other odds & ends. I have the list and their prices, just have to save and then put it all together. Ahhhh…the agony!

Less Dining and Dashing, more Painting…

So there was very little dining and very little dashing in my weekend BUT I did get a good work-out in painting! Holy Moly painting is a pain! Actually, let me retract that…prepping is a pain! Painting wasn’t that bad but it took forever to get there. Even with help, it took pretty much all day. I do have some “Before & Afters” for you because honestly, painting was my work-out these past few days.

I apologize for the quality of pictures. My Sony Cybershot is not the best camera for taking pics for my blog but I can’t afford a really nice SLR yet 😦



It’s amazing what a gallon of paint can do! With my new found living room, I decided to snag up a few items now that I don’t have to worry about clashing with Burnt Red (ps. everything clashes with bunt red). Here is my “how-to” on redecorating your living room in under $100 🙂 Actually I think with the paint, primer, tools and trinkets it was around a $60 makeover!

I got a nice rack to put on the wall as we walk in to carry my scarfs and purses. I always left my girlie stuff on the kitchen table or on the floor of my living room, but now it’s right by the door in a neat place, ready for me to grab on the way out!

T.J. Maxx…$9.99

Next you know I had to go to Ikea! It’s right down the street from me and I sware that is as good as Gold! I don’t know what I will do if we move somewhere where I don’t have this luxury. I picked up these cute blue decorative trinkets for cheap!



I felt like a kid in the candy shop when picking up items @ T.J. Maxx. It had been a while since I could choose a color palette…I have been really drawn to blues and greens lately so I picked up this table runner, along with a cute dish and dollar store candles to complete a put-together look for our dining room. The table runner was $12.99 and the dish was $5.99, both from TJ’s.

I put some of our saved corks (we collect them on our dates) to add some more texture and personality 🙂

After we painted all day the last thing we felt like doing was cooking so we went out to get burgers. They totally hit the spot. Sunday I picked up a shift at the salon to try and add to my beach fun spending money fund 🙂 Of course when I got home I wanted to put everything back up on our walls and spent the majority of the night just getting my house back in order! It was a mess after all the festivities this weekend.

For dinner we were both so whooped (and we had a major late grocery shopping trip) a frozen pizza was all we could muster up to make.

but we did get in our fruit with an awesome banana and strawberry smoothie. If you don’t have a blender, buy one. Sometimes I could actually drink my meal and be perfectly satisfied. Which is saying something!