Things I miss…

I miss Chick-fil-A scratch that…all food I am used to eating.

I miss 2% milk and yogurt.

I miss my aunt Sue and little sister Cammie! Who are both having birthdays this week.

She’s one in a million, that one.

I miss my spot on the couch where I spent hours on end watching my favorite shows and unwinding.

This one is a triple whammy: I miss beer. I’m not even going to try to pretend that I don’t, and summer… and summer concerts. Sigh. Is winter over yet?

Trying to cut out meat and dairy from my diet has been tricky! It took me 2 hours to grocery shop! You really have to do your research. My mind is spinning from so many things to consider. I miss the days where I naively threw in Cheetos into my cart and kept moving, without so much as a thought about preservatives, ingredients I couldn’t pronounce, digestion or fat thighs.

I’m glad I’ve had this week of “practice” detox because I have the feeling the next three-week are going to be hard…speaking of that actually, I have some bad news…

Can’t blog about Kimberly Snyder’s book as of right now. Her publisher’s actually contacted me and regretfully asked that I keep my enthusiasm down until the book was actually released. 🙂 I honestly tried to be conscious of what I was and wasn’t posting, but I’m actually kinda thrilled that this ol’ blog I started not even a year ago was on their radar.  Long story short-go buy it!

I have been making Green Smoothies this week and since I had a “Green Monster” obsession last summer, it’s not really been much of a transition. The smoothie and some celery along with  some organic green tea make up my breakfasts these days.

Lunch & Dinner are always something green but at least at dinner, I able to pack in nutrients like protein that my body can better digest since I have been good to it all day! Meal planning has been a compromise. Last night we made a brown rice medley with turkey sausage, kinda like I made here. Tonight was strictly “sticking to the program” with some tofu scramble.

Chris is a good sport. For the recipe click here.

My schedule has been hectic. Work’s been busy the first of the year, our lovely Mexican wedding is only months away and an amped up work-out regimen have all kept me away from all things that I love.

Somebody tell me it will all be worth it!

Have you ever prepped for something big in your life? Any of you ladies have great stories of pre-wedding behavior? I’d love to hear I’m not alone!


3 responses to this post.

  1. i just don’t know how you are surviving without chickfila 😉


  2. OMG I’M DYING!!!! Lol…


  3. Posted by dad on January 19, 2011 at 3:42 pm

    Nice post. You’re always on our “miss” list.



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