A Celebratory Weekend

Saturday night I went uptown to Crave, a dessert bar, to help celebrate my friend’s Jane and Stephanie’s birthdays! There we feasted on some really great food, had laughs and caught up.

The menu had lots of great dishes and so we dove right in. First we ordered the crab cakes which were delicious, but then again I’ve never met a crab cake I didn’t like….

Chocolate cake was next up on the list, I chose not to eat it but heard it was awesome.

After gabbing and dancing the night away, the next morning I wanted to go to the gym but was still sore from upping my weight load at Group Power or dancing,  hard to tell. For breakfast I went with my usual but added a half bagel with cream cheese, YUM!

I just love this mixture, it’s a perfect combination: oats, yogurt and fruit. TRY THIS! You can add whatever fruit or yogurt flavor you wish. It reminds me of a parfait but healthier version and for some reason does not get old.

After breakfast it was time to meet my mom and sister for a bit of bridesmaid shopping. I loathe this process. I hate them all. I’m trying to walk the fine line between picking something the girls will really like AND trying to keep it affordable. The hunt continues…

After the errands we decided to head back to my mom’s house to make homemade pizzas. It was my step-dad’s birthday and so the agenda included dinner followed by  cake and a hilarious movie, Despicable Me.


Not the best looking pizza, but it was good. My sister did a great job baking and icing the cake…she is definitely the baker in the family.

I pretty much headed straight to bed when I got home in order to feel rested for the beginning of the week. BUT, then we got this SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!

Charlotte is officially having a snow-day today! I was surprised that my boss urged me to work from home but I am relishing every bit of it. Chris and I instantly knew we had to celebrate with this:

Hope every one is having a great Monday and for all you Charlotte readers, wa-whooo if you get to stay home like us!

How do you like to spend your snow-days??


6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by michelle on January 10, 2011 at 9:45 pm

    Outside rolling around in the snow with the puppies! I hope we get some up here soon. I get every day off anyways, but they are extra exciting when there is piles of white fluffy stuff to play in!


    • How is it that we have snow and Bmore doesn’t??? Craziness!


      • Posted by michelle on January 11, 2011 at 5:03 pm

        We are supposed to get hit tonight. Not one snowflake yet and everyplace is already closing early. Amateurs, ha!

        –Also, if you need me to dress hunt with you, I’ll be happy to help long-distance. Or come down there! I can shop while you’re at work, and it’ll be super efficient. Haha. Anything I can do to alleviate stress, I got your back!

  2. I loved my snow day…and tomorrow is another one for me!
    I think the pup is enjoying it more than I am. She had me running around with her.
    Your waffles looked yum!


  3. My dog Daisy loved prancing around in the snow too! 🙂


  4. those crabcakes look awesome! i spy a funfetti cake!! 🙂


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