Healthy Turning Point

I feel better, not worse! Yay!

Last night Chris and I stayed in and had a cheap date night. I swung by the Redbox after work and picked out Predator on blu-ray. I knew he had been wanting to see it and the last few movies were my calls, so fair is fair, right?


The movie was a bit cheesy to say the least and to top it off dinner was edible  but not good. Neither of us had taken anything out to be thawed so we decided on Quiche, hoping it would be quick and we were both craving something warm and filling. I threw in some veggies, cheese, eggs and milk but somewhere something went wrong.

It was just too fluffy and not dense enough. I’m assuming too many eggs?

This is what happens when I “wing” a dinner-I need recipes.

Chris ate it in about 2. 5 seconds flat, because he can eat anything and tried to make me feel good about the meal by letting me now it was just “like a yummy omelet with a crust.” I barely ate half of mine but I appreciated the lie.

Saturday morning I leaped out of bed to get to Group Power. Maybe my body could have used a little more sleep but I figured since I woke up at 9:59, it was a sign for me to make the 10:30 class.

When I got t0 the gym I was relieved that it seemed like I was actually going to get a spot.

After class I ran home to take Daisy for a little run and boy was it cold! I know she enjoyed it though, so it was worth it. While I was running I couldn’t help but think about what good breakfast I was going to make. My stomach was starting to growl and usually on the weekends I try to get more adventurous in the kitchen because I actually have the time.

Immediately, I checked Caitlin’s recipes on her blog, Healthy Tipping Point. She is basically a breakfast connoisseur so I knew she would have something good. Enter 15-minute scramble.

This was so quick. so good. so filling.

Potatoes (boiled in the microwave, tofu, spinach, eggs, chili powder, s&p, YUM!

Good thing this dish was filling because I’m about to start cleaning for hours! If you need me, I will be re-organizing my life!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by michelle on January 8, 2011 at 6:31 pm

    Right there with you! Reorganizing the whole house, room by room! Major overhaul. I’ll take before and after photos!




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