Between you and I

I think it’s pretty obvious that this blog is becoming a mixture of every day life and not just about what I’m cooking or doing for exercise.

With a new year, comes new revelations and I think I enjoy blogging about lots of things, not just “dining” and “dashing.” I’ve mentioned this before, but this month is going to bring new changes to the blog, which at this time, I can share with you these goals:

1.) I really want to make this thing a It would be so much easier to promote or tell my grandmother how she can view it over the phone. “wordpress…yes,…after dineindash…in, not “n”….etc.

2.) I’m working with a graphic designer this month to move off the template and transform it to be more aesthetically pleasing for your eyes and mine! I can’t wait to get a little creative foot-print on this blog, its been killing me!

3.) I still love the name Dine-in Dash, so I’m keeping it…but adding a tagline that includes “everything in-between!” Plus, I still really love photographing food and keeping myself accountable by blogging about exercise.

In keeping with the theme-you can guess what I ate for breakfast yesterday morning…this and for lunch it was this.

By mid-afternoon yesterday I was starting to feel feverish and while I’m sure my co-workers don’t appreciate me getting up and coming to work everyday under the weather, I’m dedicated. What can I say? (Hack, hack) I was not feeling like cooking dinner AT ALL. Instead in my fever-induced state, I did something I NEVER do. I ordered chinese.

I love chinese but it’s one of those foods that immediately after I eat, I regret. It’s so full of grease but I didn’t care last night. I tried to be somewhat conscious of all the hard work I’ve put in at the gym the last few weeks and only put 4 pieces of Sesame Chicken on my plate and instead loaded up with veggies and rice.

I did get fried rice though…how can you NOT? It’s so delicious. I tried to say “white” but it just wouldn’t come out of my mouth.

After dinner, I looked around at the disaster that my house has become…


After Christmas tree design dilemma. What is this set-up? We had to move the brown chair downstairs to make room for the desks for the offices and now we just have too much furniture. Chris will not give up his brown chair though, I tell you it will be the end of us one day. I kid.

The “cleanest” corner of the kitchen…

Mail is continuing to stack up.

…and for the grand finale. I’m airing my dirty laundry (literally) right here on the blog. I am not afraid.

Gross right!? Normally I would have just gone into a cleaning haze for hours on end to make sure I could sleep, but my bed was calling my name with or without sanitary conditions.

Hoping that tons of sleep would keep any real sickness at bay, I jumped in.

Please note my steamer in the background. Best purchase I’ve ever made. 🙂

With only two gym sessions met this week, I am feeling a need to break a sweat (just not a fever sweat.)

I’m going to rest up one more day in hopes that I feel better and not worse by this weekend!

How are you guys recovering after the holidays? Are your houses turned upside down like mine (still)? How are your fitness resolutions coming along???


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by michelle on January 6, 2011 at 5:09 pm

    Mort! OMG woman, make Chris clean the house, you’re sick! Sometimes when I feel a cold coming on, going to the gym and sweating it out actually helps! Just make sure (especially at this time of year) that you wipe down your machines before and after you use them, and DO NOT touch your face with your hands! Don’t touch your face with your hands any time, but especially at the gym! I’ve gotten extremely sick at least twice from less than sanitary gym equipment, so be extra careful!

    I am in your boat, with my whole life in chaos! I am trying to tackle one project at a time (right now, reorganizing my closet, which I was going to ask you for help on but now im rethinking that! lol). As for fitness resolutions, my gym is turning 15 this year and has monthly promotions. This month it’s a free $15 gift card if you go 15 days in a row, and I am on day 3, yay! Great incentive! I am doing small monthly resolutions this year instead of big year-long ones.

    You should start small monthly resolutions with your girlfriends, and swap ideas and if you meet your monthly goals, have a small gift swap to reward each other (like little gift cards, bottle of wine, etc…. little surprises!) Maybe I should start a blog to do that!


  2. i LOVE the monthly solutions idea! I might blog about that…lol. Good for you on day 3 at the gym. We gotta look HOT for Mexico!


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