Simple & Fit while dining out…

It’s officially 2011 and every one is back in full force! Colleagues, customers and traffic. The holidays are over and while I always get a little sad, it’s somewhat of a relief. Now comes the long stretch of the coldest months, followed by very little time off work.


On Sunday I had to work all the live long day but first Chris and I went out to breakfast. We were looking for something cheap and close and settled on an IHOP. I just needed something to pick me up and didn’t feel like cooking breakfast, nor did he. I searched the menu for something healthy and came across this on the menu-

I opted for the whole-grain wheat french toast and turkey bacon. I’m glad more and more restaurants are getting on board with healthy alternatives, but this menu actually gave you some sound advice on how to be proactive in your ordering. Swell!

I decided I would try to find more helpful hints to give to you readers but also to remind me of what I can be doing over these next crucial couple of months…

Before You Order

  • If you are familiar with the menu, decide what to order before entering the restaurant. This tactic will help you avoid any tempting foods that may not be so healthy.
  • If you are trying a new restaurant, take time study the menu in order to avoid making unhealthy decisions.
  • Have the server remove temptations (butter, for example) from the table.
  • Drink two full glasses of water before your food arrives.
  • Avoid foods described in the following way: buttery, buttered, fried, pan-fried, creamed, escalloped, au gratin (with cheese), or a la mode (with ice cream).
  • If you want to eat bread, choose Melba toast or whole-grain rolls without butter or margarine.

When You Order

  • Order foods that are steamed, broiled, grilled, stir-fried, or roasted.
  • Order potatoes baked, boiled, or roasted instead of fried. Ask the server to leave off the butter and sour cream.
  • Order first so that you will not be influenced by other’s choices.
  • For appetizers, order broth-based soups such as minestrone or gazpacho.
  • Choose seafood, chicken, or lean meat rather than fatty meats; remove all visible fat from any meat.
  • Order broiled, baked, grilled, steamed or poached entrees
  • Ask the server to substitute low-fat foods for high-fat foods. For example, ask for steamed vegetables instead of fries.
  • Ask the chef to remove the skin from poultry and to prepare your food without butter or cream sauces. Or ask for the sauce on the side so you can control how much you eat.
  • Ask the server about ingredients or preparation methods for the dishes you’re not familiar with.
  • Order vegetable side dishes without sauces or butter or ask them to put them on the side.
  • For dessert, order sorbet or fresh, seasonal fruit without whipped cream or a topping.

I tried to take this crash-course in ordering with me when I went to the mall for job #2. I was in the food court filled with Sbarros, Chick-fil-A (a favorite) and some greasy chinese. I opted to go with a burrito place but only because the burrito pictured looked somewhat healthy.

Inside: rice, chicken, broccoli and carrots-essentially in a wrap or tortilla. It wasn’t that flavorful but at least I didn’t feel gross after eating it. I even opted out of the making it a combo meal with tortilla chips. Go me.

I worked most of Sunday. It was not great but I made lots of sales and at least I get to roam around and look at pretty things in my down time.

I came home and Chris had made dinner. We had some leftover Prime Rib from the holidays so we ended up cooking that. I’m not the biggest fan of prime rib, but this dinner was good. It was hard to resist more pieces of the bread with honey butter but I did it!

After a long day I didn’t feel like ripping down the tree and putting away my holiday decor. Instead, I opted to leave it one more day (it’s trash day tomorrow anyway) and enjoy it for one last evening.

Lastly, a little wine on the couch put me right into a lazy Sunday coma that I enjoyed for a few hours before going to bed.

I’m looking forward to getting my laundry, house and bills in order this week. I don’t work my other job till Saturday and I’m excited about what I can do with all my free time!


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  1. […] un-organized on Sunday completely put me in a tailspin. I opted to drink wine on the couch if you recall. Therefore I can’t get up on time, not packed lunches for myself and don’t even get me […]


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