His & Her Office Suitttttte :)

As a Christmas present to each other, Chris and I decided to re-do our home office. Unfortunately I do not have “before” pictures, but trust me-it was nothing special. It contained an old white bookcase I’d had since childhood, our TV, a hand-me-down wooden desk that was falling apart and a chair.  It was definitely the sore spot to look at in our home and although it took almost a year and a half before we finally got around to furnishing the space, it was well worth the wait!

Here are the “after” photos I’ve been promising…

His and Her desks and bookshelves provide BOTH of us our much needed space. Chris can work on his research and play his video games, while I can delve in to wedding planning & blogging like a professional!

His Side-

My Side-

A closer look at his side contains cubby’s for his PS3, vacation albums, some of his old school books and organized containers for miscellaneous items that always seem to clutter his desk.

A closer look at my side has our file folders with our bills & statements, a few of my own photo albums, pictures/decor and my own organizational baskets.

His and Her Mugs 😉

For Christmas we actually received “His” and “Her” mugs, instead of adding them to our growing collection, I decided we could use them as pen holders on our desks.

In case you are wondering what is on the other side of the wall, it’s our TV. My camera caught a bad angle and it looks like the reception is funny, but basically this is where Chris likes to watch his Sunday & Monday night football. There is also a coat closet and a full bathroom.

In between the desks we have a chest that holds other materials we will need for the office, along with our printer and a bulletin board. I’m hoping this board keeps loose mail/coupons/advertisement clutter to a minimum but still in sight for future use.

That’s about it! I love having my own space, my flat screen monitor should be arriving by this weekend and then it will be complete…for now. Eventually I would love to get this runner for in between the desks-

The inspiration behind this office, was this google image!


It’s not exact but I think we pulled it together rather inexpensively, just by using a lot of what we already owned.

What’s your favorite room in your house? Have you ever done a room make-over?


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Michelle on December 29, 2010 at 5:59 pm

    Looks great! The monitor got shipped yesterday (ups). My favorite room is my bedroom, because it’s the most organized I’ve ever been able to be. The furniture looks a lot like… Yours! Hmmm:) and looking at your pics, I’m inspired to get even more organized now. Such a great accomplishment Mort! You have a real talent for decorating!


  2. I love this. It is beautiful.
    great way to utilize the space and get everything you need out of it.




  4. Well now that you to live better than me (I bet you have heat too!) I am officially counting you as “off the books” well at least after the wedding. Happy for you guys.

    Luv Dad


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