Your order has Shipped.

I am officially done with my Christmas duties this season!

-Christmas Decor up? Check.

-Seasonal Couple Cards, out? Check.

-Toys for Tots? Check.

-Gifts bought, wrapped and sent? Check!

Now it’s time to sit back and relax. I’m so excited for the down time that I keep forgetting that on Christmas, I actually get presents. As I’ve gotten older, that is just not what the holiday season is about for me. It’s almost like a nice bonus surprise at the end of it all…

I was happily reminded of the receiving end of the gift-giving exchange when I got to work yesterday to find a Crate & Barrel Gift-card on my desk! My boss knows me too well…I definently put it to work!

With the gift card I was able to purchase a bunch of great stuff that I was actually in need of-

I have needed coasters for as long as I can remember but have slight amnesia when I am anywhere near a store that sells them. The only time I realize I need them is when I go to put my glass of ice water on the coffee table almost every night.

With all the cooking I’ve been doing lately you would think my kitchen would be in stock. I have measuring spoons but they are so old and used that the measurements have worn off. Plus, they were a cheap buy anyway. These are much better quality and will come in very handy.

A Pamela Bowl…because why not? It’s pretty 🙂

and finally a set of 4-appetizer plates that will be perfect for the Christmas Eve Dinner I am hosting.

I know I purchased these before Christmas, but hey, it’s close enough right?!

After job #1 I had a haircut appointment. It felt so good to go have my hair done and I’m glad I planned it pre-holiday. I’m lucky too because it landed on the only day off I have from job #2. Today is going to be a long one…keeping me in retail-land till around 11:00 pm. 😦 No bueno.

After the haircut I got a call from Chris asking me to pick up some Tony’s pizza because he didn’t want to cook. I had plans to eat chicken and veggies for dinner as part of the “wedding weight loss project” but didn’t want to subject him to that…so the pizza I picked up.

I had to avoid this. Can you imagine the kind of willpower it took with the smell of this to not eat one single bite?

I’m proud.

Instead I had this:

Chicken. Beans. Applesauce. Voila.

Seriously nothing fancy. “Dining” is going to take a hit for a while so be warned. I know you can make healthy meals that taste delicious but with this second job, something is going to have to give. Once I’ve gotten back to my feel good weight I will be less drastic. Just have to get to that maintain stage!

On that note…I DID make it to the gym again this morning! My work-out was similar to yesterdays  but instead of working on legs, I worked on my upper body. Still lovin’ the pep in my step from going!  🙂


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Terri Davies on December 22, 2010 at 4:32 pm

    Pretty, pretty, pretty bowl. Love it.


  2. Posted by Michelle on December 22, 2010 at 5:22 pm

    If you got the glass coasters in the picture, be careful bc condensation makes them stick to the bottom of your glass sometimes, and I’ve had them unstick and shatter on the floor or table before! Love your decor! And that pizza looks too good 😦


  3. Posted by Megan Crocker on December 23, 2010 at 11:04 am

    Have a wonderful Christmas Claire!


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