Goal Accomplished

One of my favorite things about the gym is when I’m done with my cycling work-out it says, “Goal Accomplished” across the screen.

Doesn’t get much more gratifying than that, right?!

Today is also my 100th post on Dine-in-Dash!


For that, I am proud. I am also proud that I went to the gym this morning! Potluck pictures are coming back and I have grown increasingly unhappy with my figure. I hate to have weight be an issue on this blog, but it’s something that I have been struggling with for the past few months.

Is it the big dinners? Just the holiday curse? Getting older? Lack of exercise? All of the above most likely. Other than it being my 100th post on Dine-in-Dash, it’s also 5 months to the day till I get hitched!

(When we were just kids!)

I am ecstatic to marry my best friend but have a long road ahead of me to try and tone-up and shave inches.

Taking into consideration some of your answers from the survey I posted yesterday, a few things were brought to my attention…

The whole taking pictures of everything I eat?

  • That is NOT what is driving you to this site. I think most people outside of the healthy living blog community don’t understand why someone would take pictures of what they eat and some think it’s a bit odd. Let me speak up for some of these wonderful bloggers in saying, while it does seem a little unorthodox, it’s helpful in adding appeal and interest in their blogs. Who wants to just read when you can look? Also, they are striving to be an excellent example and displaying what they are eating is just as important as blogging about how they are exercising and other things they are doing to stay fit for their mind, body and soul.

Note: I still plan on keeping recipes on this blog and some pictures of food that I think a.) are out of the ordinary-festive, holiday, bday cakes etc. 2.) dishes I make that I’m proud of or 3.) Just look so delicious I can’t help myself!

Some of you requested more exercise tid-bits, hints, useful skills, etc.

  • In an effort to blog about “dashing” as much as “dining” I am going to try and beef up the exercise talk. This actually comes at perfect timing due to the wedding countdown and I think 5 months is a healthy amount of time to really be able to shape my body the way that makes me feel best. Be prepared for more detailed posts on what I’m doing to try and get my endurance as well as my shape back!

Personal Touches are a must

  • It was an overall resounding YES that people like personal touches on the blog. That didn’t surprise me. Who wants to read about what someone is doing to work-out and eat right but not a little bit about the blogger themselves? The blogs I gravitate to the most are the ones that have a human feel. I appreciate when someone is struggling with the end goal (it’s hard!) and when they seem relateable.

With great feedback I still see the ratio of readers to survey takers is pathetic. 😉 Help me out, it literally takes less than 60 seconds to take (5 questions) and then just hit submit! Plus, I don’t know who you are…if that makes anyone feel less on the spot! Thanks to those who did it yesterday 🙂


Now that this has been a copy heavy post (sorry) let’s recap what I did this morning for anyone who would like to suffer/shape-up along with me!

-7 minute warm-up on the eliptical

-50 lunges with 3 lb. weights (25 on each side)

-3 sets of 20 Lying Leg Curls (machine)

-3 sets of 20 Leg Press Workouts (machine)

-Abs: 75 regular crunches, 25 outer ab crunches (each side) 50 bicycle crunches

-Cycle for 20 minutes

-Cool down.

This took a total of an hour.

*I am not a trainer or certified anything so please go at your own pace, follow the work-outs ONLY if you can handle them and at your own risk and by no means do I know what is best for any reader’s body.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Michelle on December 21, 2010 at 5:06 pm

    Thanks to you I’m now using the elliptical as my warm up tool! Running affects my calves the most I think, at least on the treadmill, so I use the elipticals ‘strength’ setting to tone my upper legs. And then I use weights for upper body! What do you do for core stuff? Ever done planks? They are addicting.

    Ps… You shouldn’t have 50 lunches during your workout, you’ll cramp up! Haha ❤ you!


    • When I signed up for my gym membership I got 1 session with a personal trainer and he had me work out like that. He said it’s good to use the elliptical just to get the blood flowing and to put cardio at the back of my work-out. I always did it at the front. He also taught me that simply by strenght-training you will not only tone up but lose more weight. As muscle burns more calories than cardio…and continues even after you stop. I do planks in classes sometimes, they are hard but you can tell it’s working!!!


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