Somethin’ to think about…

Yesterday I was dealing with a serious case of the Mondays. After such a busy weekend my body still needed to rest and to top it off, this cold weather is really getting to me…

Dec 16
Dec 17
Dec 18
Dec 19
Dec 20
Dec 21
Dec 22
Dec 23

40° | 32°

46° | 31°

42° | 25°

39° | 24°

44° | 27°

47° | 27°

46° | 25°

46° | 28°


Now, I know some people have it worse up North but, hey-I live in Charlotte for a reason. I don’t do well with cold weather. This December has been as bad as I can remember. I can only dread what January and February will bring. Plus, once the holidays are over, I really have no need for the cold.

I’ve decided I don’t really like overnight oats. So sue me. Maybe I don’t have the toppings right but I resorted back to my ol’ favorite of dry oats, yogurt and fruit.


For lunch I just had time to grab a salad with some goldfish and some carrots.  

It was pretty low-key so I wasn’t surprised when I was craving something around 3:00 pm. Luckily I had packed a yogurt but my stomach was still grumbling when I got off of work.

It was just too cold to go to the gym last night. I thought my fingers and toes were going to fall off so once I got into my warm house and took one look at Daisy, I knew I wasn’t going anywhere.

Instead I threw together a quick meal of tortellini with a salad and a piece of bread.

I took advantage of Chris being out-of-town last night for work to finally watch Eat. Pray. Love. I had been dying to see this since it came out and it seemed like a good chick flick.

After watching this movie it makes me want to pick up my life and travel like Liz does. Italy, India and Bali? Uh…yes please. Watching this movie also made me realize 5 things:

1.) Muffin Tops are OK. It means you are eating well 😉

2.) Life is about the people and friends that we make family.

3.) I think I might be back on a wine vs. beer kick.

4.) Change, while terrifying to me, is a good thing.

5.) I’m still marrying the right person.

What are your favorite inspiring movies? Mine will always and forever be Rudy, but there are few more I hold dear…


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Patrick McLyman on December 14, 2010 at 9:07 pm

    Definitely Rudy. I cry every time.


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