Thunder Road Jingle Jog!

I need a weekend to relax from my weekend.

It was jam-packed and while I had a productive and fun past two days, I’m super tired! Let’s start with a Friday update so I can catch you guys up on all the happenings…

Friday’s breakfast was LAME but I was craving some regular, run of the mill unpictured cereal. I had to eat this at my desk because I can never get up early enough to eat at my house.

Luckily there has been no shortage of food around the office. Christmas time is here and you can tell just by the vendor gifts and the baked goodies that I get offered daily. One of my favorites so far this year is chocolate-covered potato chips. They are delicious and way too tempting. I had to bring them home so Chris could finish them off because I could have taken down the entire box.

Thanks Phase 3!

For lunch I was able to go to one of my all-time favorite places, Big Daddy Burgers. They have such a great selection and offer tater-tots in place of fries>I’m down with whatever restaurant that opts to do that.

I try to order something different every time I go there because I’ve yet to have a bad meal. Since it was Friday and I felt like I was healthy for the most part all week, I went for the “Sam I Am.” Burger with Pesto, over-easy egg, ham and cheddar. It was basically like breakfast in your mouth. Health this is NOT, so I only ate half. Fridays are usually my free day where I eat just about whatever I want.

After work I had to make a stop at the convention center to pick-up my race packet for the Thunder Road Jingle Jog 5k. It was exciting seeing all the runners for the race the next day but I have to say I was a little bummed that I had decided to opt out of the half-marathon. The 5k was fun and I’m glad I participated but I can’t wait until the day I cross over that finish line after 13 miles, instead of 3.

Friday night, Chris and I kept it low-key. I was going to have to get up around 7 for the Jingle Jog 5k and so while we just watched some TV while I worked on some Thank-You’s for the bridal shower.

We decided to eat leftovers from the previous days fajitas. I could always eat Mexican!

Saturday I was up early. I made sure to lay my clothes out the night before and it became very apparent that I need A LOT of cold-weather work-out gear. I scrapped together some black pants, a t-shirt and fleece jacket. A hat to keep some of the heat from my body in and some gloves. I I’m hoping to get some running wear for the colder months for Christmas! 🙂

I finished the race easier than I had anticipated and even managed to shave off a few minutes from the Rock N Read 5k I participated in just a few months ago. My unofficial time was 29:02 vs. over 34:00 (yikes).

I have to say the race was fun but I much prefer a less crowded event. It was hard to move around people, especially in the beginning and I wasn’t even able to start running till a few minutes after the race had started from being in the very back of the crowd. It did not help that I had to keep ahold of my i-pod, keys and phone throughout the race. Can you say fanny-pack? Yes please!

After the race, my supporters (thanks Jess & Nick) and I booked it to a diner to eat some yummy breakfast. From there we posted in the booth waiting to see Tim’s wife, Kristin at the 13 mile mark for the marathon. Kristin finished in under 4 hours for her first marathon and we were soooo proud of her!!!!!

After finishing up some Christmas shopping and running other errands throughout the day, Chris and I went to my cousin’s Graduation party. She will be graduating from UNCC next Saturday and we are oh-so proud 🙂 It was nice to see lots of the family and finally RELAX.

(sidenote: Geeesh my fiance is CA-UTE!)

Megs is extremely shy but awesome. 🙂 We were glad we could support her for her huge accomplishment.

Sunday was another busy yet productive day that I will be sure to fill you guys in on tomorrow.  For now I am off to enjoy the rest of my weekend!


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