Over the Hump!

Yay, it’s Thursday and Friday is in sight. Usually the weeks fly by for me but this one has been tough. I have been trying to keep myself healthy but Chris’s cold has been tough to tackle.


Luckily it hasn’t kept me from work but I have taken it pretty easy on the work-outs as to not wear myself out. I’m excited about Thunder Road this weekend. Now that my nerves aren’t shot from fearing the 13 miles, I can just enjoy the fact that I will get a nice run in on Saturday morning amongst the adrenaline and excitement of the race 🙂

Lunch on Tuesday was Beddar Beddar and Moore. Nothing is “beddar” than a cup of their soup on cold weather days like we’ve had recently. The soup of the day was the all mighty, all-powerful chili! (PS. When you eat at this deli the soup of the day is FREE.)

I went with my usual meal, which is a grilled chicken wrap with a side of potato salad. It did not disappoint.

Dinner was un-pictured fajitas but I fully intend on picturing at a later date. They were amazing, completely not planned and greatly appreciated by the hubs-to-be. (He’s making me give him credit)

Wednesday was soup and chicken-tortilla salad (are you noticing a theme?) and it was filling and just what I needed.

After living with Chris for the past few years I have fallen into the bad habit of splitting portions with a 6’2″ man and that has not been good for my figure. We started realizing this when I took down half a pizza with him, piece for piece. Lately I have been trying to stop my growling stomach from ordering too much and have grown to realize that I can eat far less than I thought and still be satisfied.

Nothing was thawed last night when I got home so I decided to use the tofu we had in the fridge. Sometimes I love this food for the sheer fact that is one of the easiest dinners to prepare.

I literally cut up a few pieces along with some white onion and threw it into the wok. I was feeling lazy so without working off a recipe I added spinach and brocoli, soy sauce, honey, ginger and rice vinegar.

No measuring, just stir-frying! I sprinkled a little lime juice on the finish product and paired it with some brown rice. Done and done!

Tonight Chris and I are doing a double-whammy holiday functions. First his at 5:30 and then racing to mine at 7:15. Should be an interesting mix of conversation, food and holiday spirits!


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