Holiday Inspiration!

Who doesn’t LOVE Saturdays?! The only thing better is a rainy Saturday. Due to some kind of freezing rain we are having today, Chris and I have decided to get our tree tomorrow instead of today. It’s worked out well for me because I was able to cozy up on the couch and watch Eclipse! (out on DVD FINALLY) and then get to the drawing board to find some holiday decoration inspiration.

Funds are low this year, so low in fact I’m toying with picking up a part-time seasonal job. So I am definitely going to be very budget conscious decorating this year. I am gravitating towards spray paint and pine-cones, foods already in my fridge/pantry and some basic art and craft projects.

We’ll be starting from scratch with our tree this year due to losing a lot of stuff in the move last year. Most of our ornaments were hand me downs and generic so one of the things I’m looking forward to is building our collection over the years with significant tree decorations. For now, thankfully Target has a great 50-piece set for only $15!

To add some cheap fluff to our unavoidable NAKED tree, I thought we could add some popcorn for a touch of old-school.

Sticking with a food theme, I have a bag of cranberries in the fridge and instead of using them in scones, I’m thinking it might be better to put them in some glassware with a white pillar candle. Simple and elegant and voila…a centerpiece.

A bag of pinecones seems to run under $10 so I’m thinking of picking up 2. I’d like to add some flock or spray paint to them and make them focal points all on their own. I’d also like to spruce up the one wreath we have to turn it into something magical. 🙂

A hot-glue gun and some ribbon and I think I can achieve the above example for our front door.

When I was looking around for garland ideas, I really fell in love with this construction paper idea instead of the usual foliage that is most often used. Plus…it’s really cheap to make! All I need is construction paper, string and a hole-punch.

Lastly, who doesn’t think a candy cane display in the kitchen isn’t cute and inviting? A box of candy canes are inexpensive, will last through the holidays and brighten up a space that we don’t have much decorations for.

How are you decorating for the holidays? Do you have any special memento’s that you look forward to putting up every year?





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