Bridal Shower Bonanza!

Lots of happenings here in SF this past week-but since there has been so many activities and so many picures, I will keep it to mainly a festive food update.

I had my first bridal shower yesterday and it was so beautiful.

I truly felt like a bride! Chris and I have been engaged for almost a year now and while the wedding is still 6 months away, the next time I see my family from the west coast we will be in Mexico ready to tie the knot! My stepmom and Aunt Sue did a heck of a job on the food, decor and making me feel special…here are some highlights from the day!

The table setting was beautiful. Elegant white and silver was the color scheme of the day.

For hors d’oeuvres we had prosciutto wrapped pears, pear tarts, cucumber sandwiches, shrimp sandwiches and mimosa’s!

My glass was specially decorated with “bride to be,” “engaged,” and wedding rings-so fun!

We played bridal bingo and other fun games before the sit-down lunch.

The lunch started off with some butternut squash bisque-which was delicious.

Then we had some pesto chicken sandwiches with a pear salad for the main course.

There was no shortage of food but I couldn’t resist 2 beautiful cupcakes that my aunt Sue made (with silver sprinkles to match!)

Chris and I got some great stuff off our registry and I felt the love from friends and family. My only disappointment is in my camera. It seems to take such great pictures of food and such bad pictures of human beings. I’m taking it back to Best Buy when we get home to either have it replaced or looked at. Thank goodness for other people’s cameras! At least the food memories are safe on mine 🙂

To top it all off, my aunt had personalized lip balm and chocolates to commemorate the day! She and my stepmom are amazingly thoughtful and I will never forget such a wonderful shower.

Now…with all that food I ate, I am craving a work-out-gotta get to it!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Your shower looks so nice! How fun to be getting into the swing of wedding festivities. It will be here before you know it! Soak it all in. 😀


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  3. Ahhh Jen, seriously it can not come any sooner! This 18 month engagement feels like an eternity. I know you know what I mean 🙂


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