When Grocery Shopping is a distant memory…

Sometimes you have to make-up a meal. After eating out so much this week already, but still not feeling like going grocery shopping, I was forced to come up with a mix of random foods for dinner last night.

To be honest, while bland-still not bad. No recipe really, I just sautéed the shrimp, threw some homemade vinaigrette on the salad, cut up some apples and added some shredded cheese. That with some rice is what you call “staying alive.” Hardly a dinner that I will remember.

I did not work out last night, instead I indulged in German white wine (which is my favorite!) and watched One Tree Hill. I love that show. Sometimes you just have to vedge and live life.

This morning I did however make it to the 6 am cycle. I can never make it to the 5:30 pm class because I usually work too late. Learning how to get up that early in the morning has been tough. After sweating it out, I came home to some yummy banana bread that I had baked earlier in the week. A perfect breakfast!

I then proceeded to take this position while watching Saved by the Bell until  it was time to hit the shower and get to work~

Tonight is the meeting for Wake Forest, cross your fingers that it’s everything I’m expecting!! 🙂


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