Ending Negative Behaviors

Lately I have been feeling like I’m pulled in a million different directions.

After doing some soul-searching over the last few weeks, I’ve realized that I have too many obligations and not enough hours in the day. While it’s not exactly time for New Years resolutions, I’m making one of mine early.

I’m going to try to focus on the authentic things in life. Mind, Body, Soul.

  • Mind-I’m attending a meeting tomorrow regarding Wake Forest’s Graduate program. I’ve been longing to go back to school and have been complacent and lazy in taking the steps I need in order for this to become a reality. Wake Forest has a great MBA program for people who work full-time.
  • Body-Still training for Thunder Road but after the half-marathon, working on trimming down and building strength are two things I’m striving for next year. The wedding is in May people!
  • Soul-Being a better friend, sister, daughter and soon-to-be wife. There are many people in my life that I take for granted and too many people who I honestly don’t need to occupy my time with. I have always been social but as I’ve grown up, that area of my life is dwindling and I need to make sure that when I’m spending the little  free time  I have, it’s with the people I love.

Sorry if that is too heavy for a Tuesday morning! On to Dining and Dashing!

Lunch yesterday was a sub. Jersey Mike’s has the best subs and since I haven’t gone grocery shopping yet this week-food out was my only option. There might have been some Baked Layes in there too but I can’t be certain…;)

For dinner last night, Chris and I were both exhausted and didn’t feel like cooking or grocery shopping for that matter. We decided to go to Edomae, one of our favorite restaurants that is just around the corner from our house. It took me a good 10 minutes to decide on sushi vs. chicken hibachi but I was glad I did by the time the meal was over.

(Can you say un-healthy??)

After sushi it was of course pitch black even though it was not even 7:00. (I loathe Daylight Saving Time) I wasn’t up for a dark run and didn’t feel like hopping back into the car to the gym-so I reluctantly went with a TV work-out. I hate working out in my living room but I’m trying to really amp up my fitness level prior to the holiday foods and general lack of laziness that seems to come with this time of year.

The only person I can stomach when I do a living room work-out has to be Jillian Michaels. I hate this women and love her at the same time. She is the only one that doesn’t strike me as corny and she is really motivating.

I will be excited to do a Tuesday run tonight!


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