The Meatball Challenge

Sunday morning Chris and I were both feeling pancakes.

I made mine with chocolate chips and made him some originals…only to find out, I should never do that again. (I really did think he wouldn’t like it!)

From the rest of the day on, Chris took it upon himself to make us lunch and dinner. Lunch was a pretty darn good sandwich made with turkey, red onion, spinach, provolone, mayonnaise and some very good tomato on whole grain bread. I added some Kashi crackers on the side since we split the sandwich.

After lunch I took Daisy for a nice 4.5 mile run. It’s hard getting acclimated to the colder weather when I’m running. I feel like my lungs are burning! But I certainly wasn’ t cold after the first few minutes-so that made things tolerable.

For dinner, Chris and I debated over who made better homemade meatballs. Which then caused us to have… THE MEATBALL CHALLENGE.

Chris likes to think he’s a better cook than I am, and while that was once true, I think he is having a hard time coming to the realization that I have surpassed him. Hence, the challenge that ensued.

If you are an avid follower you might have seen my homemade meatballs from last week.

Now, Chris insisted that not only could his meatballs be better, but they would be bigger. So typical.

Having trouble finding his meatballs? That’s because there is only 2 and they take up half the plate 😉

While I have to say they were good, I don’t know if all his boasting was deserved. We still can’t agree on who won. One thing I will give him praise for is having the night off and welcoming a hand-delivered hot plate of dinner. Especially since I was completely sucked in to The Pirates of the Caribbean movie, that was showing on ABC Family.

So random, but such a nice way to end the weekend.


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