Dessert has 2 S’s…like 2 Scoops of ice-cream please!

So in my last post a family friend pointed out that my college education was lacking in the fact that I spelled “dessert” like “desert.” Yes, I do know the difference…wait for it…

This is a desert:

This is a dessert:

My cute sister Sawyer let me know that the way she remembers that dessert is spelled with 2 S’s is to think about wanting 2 scoops of ice-cream! She’s adorable, isn’t she? Actually, adorable isn’t the right word because she is growing up so fast! She’s turned into quite the young lady…

(Yes, that is a real dog…our dog Lulu and yes, she’s wrapped in an American flag because my dad’s hobby is photography and sometimes he makes us do things like this :))

It’s embarrassing when you put yourself out there (in a blog) and realize that you made some sort of spelling mistake or after going through your blog-roll, realizing so many blogs out there are better than yours. It’s intimidating to see pictures taken with nicer quality cameras, better design ascetics as well as other bloggers who have backgrounds in writing and literature, making their posts leap off the page! I got the blogging bug after falling in love with all the blogs that I try to visit regularly. How can someone not fall into a desire of reading about food, exercise, wine and life in general, all from an educated and strong woman? They fascinate me and lift me up…

Another thing that really lifts me up, both physically and emotionally, is a great shoe find! During lunch I hit up TJ Maxx with my mom and friend from work and found these lovely’s…

Anne Klein for $29.99! Originally $79.99-can’t beat that with a stick my friends! I’ve been on a shoe kick lately and have almost completely replenished. For a while there I had dwindled down to only having a few good stilettos left. But enough that, on to dashing….

Yesterday’s run was 1 thing: AWESOME. I am really enjoying running on trails lately. It keeps things so much more interesting and I’m hoping all the hills, twists and turns will help my time with the road race. On Tuesday’s I’ve been getting together with a few avid runners from work and last night we covered some major terrain. We ran until it was almost pitch black-covering about 7 miles. I’m still on a bit of a runner’s high from having so much fun.

When I got home I was ready to make some tilapia for dinner but Chris had forgotten to take it out of the freezer. He already had a frozen pizza ready to go and the oven preheated which I thought was too premeditated for him to have “forgotten” but I gave in, forced a salad on him and shared 2 pieces of his pizza for dinner.

A hot shower and into bed I went! I’m not even sore today which is even better! 🙂


2 responses to this post.

  1. We all have grammatical errors from time to time. I usually end up editing my posts after I publish. The photography will continue to improve with time – it’s amazing what you can even do with a point and shoot. It just takes playing and practicing. You’re doing a great job with your blog, running and meal planning. I’m so impressed.

    Hope you are well!


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