A Sunday Feast!

After all the cleaning is done on Sunday’s one of my favorite things to do is to cook a nice weekend dinner. I imagine this will be more fun as our family grows past 2 but it’s still nice to sit down and eat a nice big meal just Chris and I at the end of the day.

Before dinner I planned to run 7 miles but ultimately only ended up running around 6. My legs were beat tired and my body was giving up before my mind was last night. I was both pleased and upset about this. Upset because I wanted to run more but felt like I couldn’t but pleased that mentally I’m becoming tougher. That has been the battle up until this point…

Last night I had some leftover focaccia bread and was craving it with a little olive oil dipping sauce so we had that to start. While I was making dinner I sipped on Fat Tire’s “Hoptober” which I thought was creative, crisp and good.

At Trader’s I nabbed some artichokes because it had been a while since we last had them. I steamed them for at least 45 minutes and enjoyed every leaf with a dip of melted butter as a side to our meal.

For the main course we had pesto tortellini with chicken. I added the chicken because the pasta itself never seems to be enough. I baked the chicken at 400 degrees until it was done, chopped it up and threw it in the mix! An easy but very comforting dinner and the best part about it was Chris doing the dishes 🙂

Chicken and Pesto Tortellini

Now for this week’s Meal Plan!

Monday: Corn-tortilla crusted chicken tenders with black bean cornbread

Tuesday: Lemon Tilapia with baked eggs in tomatoes and a Spring Mix Salad

Wednesday: Mandarin Orange Chicken with Rice and Edamame beans

Thursday: Tortilla and egg scramble

Friday: Mini Deep Dish Pizza’s

Saturday: Chili with leftover black bean cornbread

Sunday: TBD


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