Happy First Day of Fall!!!

Summer is officially over according to our calendars, but not according to the weather we are still experiencing. Last night Chris suggested that we send off summer with one last grilled hamburger and I conceded because I was so exhausted all day-and not cooking sounded really good. One last yummy burger with a slice of white American cheese, red onion, lettuce & tomato and sweet potato fries! While I will miss grilling, I am very excited to replace grilled food for oven-baked goodness.

(Can you see the smile?)

I needed to run a quick 2 miles and quick it was! I don’t know if it was motivating to have a meal ready for me when I got back or if I just wanted to get it over with so I could collapse, but I ended up running it in 16:44 minutes!!

I love Fall for many reasons but one of them is the month of October. My birthday is the 28th and Chris and I are planning on going to Washington DC. Chris’s mother lives in Baltimore and we’ve always wanted to do the trip and my birthday and the season seemed like the perfect time. Any suggestions on things I have to see? Besides the obvious? I’m going to be such a tourist! I’ve never been there before but am really looking forward to it!

On another note my work is putting together nightly 3-6 mile runs every Tuesday. I’m really looking forward to breaking up the monotony with group runs at Renaissance Park. The coming months should make for beautiful scenery as the leaves change colors!

What are your favorite things about Fall???


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