…and the Winner is!

Hi faithful readers! Today is the day that I announce the winners of the Pilates DVD work-out videos. Since there was an amazing outpour of responses (some of you got to me on facebook) I was reluctant to go out and buy you all Pilates videos! At the very least, I decided to split them in half so there could be 2 winners…randomly selected, the winners are (drum roll please….)

Julie Billarant and Meghan Helms! Congrats to you both! Just message me your addresses and I will put them in the mail this weekend 🙂 Thanks for reading!

Now on to Friday’s post-

I wanted to entitle this post “No Wonder” because I had a horrible run last night. First I had to run on the treadmill, which I’ve learned to hate after all the beautiful outdoor runs I’ve had lately. But also, watching the numbers slug by was pretty terrible and while I was trying to get my mind off the drawn out pain, I was thinking, “why is this so bad today?”

I thought about my day and realized that I didn’t eat breakfast. I ran out of strawberries and therefore didn’t make my morning smoothie. I had planned to eat a yogurt I had in the fridge at work but got caught up and never ate it. Then for lunch, we celebrated Stephanie’s birthday (Happy Birthday!) and went out to a team lunch at Roosters in South Park. I had the quarter chicken with a salad and a side of maccaroni and cheese. Not the healthiest option but when in Rome…eat as the Romans do. Chicken seemed to be their specialty. This place is amazing! You have to check it out:


Then we took a quick trip to Poka-a-Dot, which I know I’ve talked about before, but that little bakery has a soft spot in my heart. Their cupcakes are the best! I went with my original, vanilla bean and chocolate cream and it was perfection.

Then I went home and decided I would run before making dinner. Eventually I came to the conclusion that “No Wonder” my 4-mile run was so excruciating. I had fed my body nothing but junk, consumed very little water and was basically running on sugar fumes. It just goes to show you that when you training for anything, food is FUEL! I will definitely be more conscious about what I’m putting into my body to ensure an effective run.

To add to the epic fail of fueling for the day, I came home and just ate a bowl of Kashi cereal for dinner. My 4-mile took me an embarrassingly 50 some odd minutes and I was too tired to cook. Sometimes a bowl of cereal is the best dinner because it’s easy clean up and no-prep time at all. I downed that and called it a day.

Today is my “rest” day and I’m thankful for it, I might even push myself to run again if I didn’t have a 5k tomorrow morning. I’m going to change-up the meal plan and make the pasta tonight, that I was going to make on Saturday, in hopes it gives me an extra boost for tomorrow.

Hope everyone has great weekends!!! Wish me Luck 🙂


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