Good Eats

Sunday was a good day. I slept in till almost 11:00! Chris helped me clean the house so we were actually done by 1:00. I know he was trying to get in some good points before watching football all day, and I let him. I finally got around to watching the Blind Side and my prediction on how much I would like the movie was dead on. I thought Sandra was amazing in it and I’m such a sucker for a good heart-felt movie. I went grocery shopping and made an afternoon sub complete with chips and homemade guacamole. I LOVE anything that has to do with avocados and they were on sale, so I snagged them.

I don’t usually make roast beef sandwiches but I know Chris likes them and I got a lb. at the store for his lunches for the week. I didn’t feel like finding something else for myself so I indulged in the fresh sub complete with provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, salt & pepper.

For dinner the meal plan called for “Southern Chicken Wing Pizza” pending a certain someone emailing the recipe. Well, they did so I gave it a shot and it was pretty darn good! (thanks Bets) Not hard to make either, for those of you that are interested. I did change the chicken around a bit. In the menu it calls for a Rotisserie chicken but I had picked up a bag of chicken breasts at the store so I just baked them and then shredded like pulled pork. After shredding the chicken I poured in some Frank’s hot sauce.

After mixing the chicken with the hot sauce you want to put ranch on the pizza dough, cover with the chicken and then add some mozzarella cheese.

Put in the oven at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes (we left it in a little later because we like our pizza crispy) and voila! It was a nice treat to have pizza minus all the grease that usually comes with it, plus it had a nice little kick to it thanks to the hot sauce. I wanted a little more for dinner so I paired it with one of the last summer salads we’ll probably have. I threw in walnuts, strawberries, diced up green peppers and blue cheese crumbles. It seemed fitting for the pizza we were having, or am I just sounding more and more like an upstate New Yorker everyday? I’m surrounded by them-but I love it.

After letting my dinner settle I decided to get out on the road for my long run before it was pitch black. I ran for a full 45 minutes and decided not to harp on mileage tonight but concentrate on running for a longer length of time. I’m curious and anal so I’ll probably jump in my car on the way to work tomorrow and clock it just to see…I think as I finish up the laundry and watch the VMA’s (look for a mini recap on this in the music section of this blog tomorrow) I will enjoy a nice newcastle brown ale! Ready to tackle another week, life is good.


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