Meal Plan for 9/7/10 and venting…

Can I just say how much not having a camera is bothering me. I’m a little obsessive when it comes to documenting memories and now I have a blog that is suffering…

My birthday is in October and I’m really hoping that my family chips in and buys me an inexpensive SLR camera. (hint, hint) I see the quality of other people’s blogs and my fuzzy camera pics are driving me crazy 😦

OK-enough of that. I did lose it having way too much fun at a Zac Brown Concert which I vow to never take a nice camera to a concert, honest. A point and shoot is simple enough to replace on my own, but I really have my heart set on a Nikon….

For this week’s meal plan I am trying to incorporate less meat to help celebrate Vegetarian Week! I say “try” because Thursday is the first night being back in front of the Plasma watching countless hours of NFL and it all kicks-off with the Vikings vs. The Saints. (I’m a diehard Viking fan, before Brett Favre-but his attendance just makes me all the more passionate.)

Monday-I literally stopped to eat Kashi cereal last night because I didn’t want to get out of “clean mode” and Chris just got a wrap for dinner.

Tuesday-I’ll be honest, last week’s meal plan got the short end of the stick but I am going to try to make some sort of Tofu dish tonight due to it being Vegetarian Week! Try incorporating less meat in your week!!

Wednesday-Oven Roasted Salmon with New Potatoes and Asparagus (from last week’s meal plan)

Thursday-Buffalo Wild Wings Ya’ll! It’s time for some FOOOTBALL!!!!! Wa-whoo! Finally, the long wait is over, it IS officially fall ladies and gentleman.

Friday-Happy Hour with my ol’ boss so I’m planning on the blue cheese turkey or to-furkey burgers for this night because Chris can easily start this and after a few pale ale’s this will taste oh so good!

Saturday-GREEK FESTIVAL! I will be documenting this in full (it’s one of my all-time favorite Charlotte past times).  Gyros, baklava, and spanakopita here I come!

Sunday-Trying a new BBQ Chicken Pizza I recently heard about…if I get the recipe in time.


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