A Labor Intensive Labor Day

Since everyone I knew went to Charleston this weekend, I took it upon myself to not waste 3 days  moping around and instead took advantage of the free time. I caught up with my friend Dana, John and Kristin for Friday’s happy hour and had a great time. We ended up not liking San Antonio’s near South Park and instead opted to sip drinks outside of Harper’s surprise mediterranean outdoor patio. Saturday I spent relaxing and catching up on repeat episodes of 90210 and Gossip Girl (preparing for Fall TV to come back!) For dinner, I caught up with another old friend, Stephanie where we went to my favorite nearby hibachi place, where I enjoyed this:

This is so delicious and I get the best service when I go to Edomae. I highly recommend if you are ever in the University area. I think most of you can tell that I tend to take a break on weekends as far as cooking. It’s usually my time to relax, eat out if I can and CLEAN.

With Monday being a day to do nothing, but already having that luxury from the day before, I decided to do a sort-of Fall pre-cleaning. People that know me best know that I am at my worst when my house is in disarray and that a purge and clean for me is as good as a long run. Chris and I got busy on Monday deep cleaning including our baseboards, every linen and hall closet (including our own closet), scrubbed floors, steamed our work clothes, replaced light-bulbs throughout the house and even did an oven clean to prepare for some Fall cookin! Labor Day was indeed a Labor intensive day but I feel so much better knowing that my house is in order!

OK-enough with my OCD. I feel rejuvenated and it must have rubbed off somewhere because I finally broke 5-miles yesterday and I could not have felt better! This week I’m prepping to run six on Saturday and then I will have FINALLY caught up with Chris. I’m glad we are running this half marathon together, he gives me the competitive edge that I would otherwise lack.

With adding additional mileage to my route, it’s looking like I’m going to have to start running earlier. I usually like to run at 8:00 pm. Yes, that’s right-just as the sun is setting. While I know it can be dangerous, I try to stay in a nearby neighborhood that I trust and I can’t even tell you how therapeutic running at night can be. No one is around and the air is so much cooler. Looks like I need to start at 7:00 pm though because the run took me roughly 57 minutes and by that time-it was too dark for even my liking.


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