Lost & Not Found

Hi there. It is me, the bad blogger girl who took about a week off. Don’t worry, you all were in my hearts as I realized I was MIA but there was so much going on last week, something had to give. First and foremost, I’M A FIRST TIME AUNT!!!!!!!!!!! I”m proud to say that we have a new addition to our family! His name is Ben Fletcher and he was 6 lbs. 13 oz. and he’s absolutely perfect. I was at the hospital till about 2:30 the morning he was born so dinner that night was from the cafeteria and we were so tired the next day. I need my 8 hours of sleep otherwise, I am just not a happy camper. But he was well worth it!

So after recovering from the excitement I needed to focus on my first week at my new job. I”m happy to report that I really like it so far. I was working on a weekly music publication which was great, but very monotonous. My first week on the job and I already have four projects in the works and I get the feeling there will always be something new to work on. Plus, the team of women are great as well.I’m hoping Chris and I can save some extra money as well as get a new car in about 6 months. I desperately need one!

What do you guys drive? Anyone absolutely love their cars? Right now I”m leaning towards Honda’s and Mazda’s.

I finished up the week and was happy to get to the Zac Brown Band! I’ve been looking forward to this concert for weeks and was happy to spend some quality time with these pretty ladies-love you Sarah and Marinda!

W had such a good time that I hardly noticed that my wallet AND my camera fell out of my purse at some point during the night. šŸ˜¦ No bueno! After canceling all my credit cards and cleaning up my tears, I’m trying to remain positive. Everything in my wallet can be replaced, but it might take a few weeks for me to get a new camera, which puts my blog at a TOTAL disadvantage! I only plead that you all will stay with me until I can replace it. I will do the best I can with some visuals until then…

It’s Sunday and Chris was feeling like pulled-pork bbq, so we used our crock-p0t and let the yummy smells take over our house. The sandwiches turned out great and some summer pata salad and strawberries were the perfect accompaniment. Now I need to get to work on some laundry and cleaning and hoping to squeeze in a movie before bed. I still haven’t seen the Blind Side and it’s killing me!

Ugh. Sorry for the bad camera phone pic šŸ˜¦

Hope you guys had great weekends! If you need me I’ll be harassing the people at the Verizon Amphitheater Lost & Found. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


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  1. First off, food looks delish! I know you found the wallet, any luck with the camera? =( Sorry for the troubles, but congrats on being an aunt! So cool. Such a great looking baby!

    Secondly, how could you even want to part with the Blazer? We all know it’s like your baby and you’d be lost without it. =) I’ve heard great things about Hondas and Mazdas, but I’d ask an actual owner of one if they hold up and if they’re reasonably priced repair and maintainance-wise.


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