No Food, No Run…Just Furniture

Hello! I know this blog is called “Dine-in Dash” but every once in a while you might see a post that has to do with the home. I am pretty much obsessed with decorating and it’s a bittersweet relationship because I don’t have the money to decorate the way I want all at once. So it’ s a very SLOW and excruciating process for someone like me who has zero patience. My family salon recently closed down 😦 and my aunt let me come over last night to pick-up any furniture or odds & ends that I wanted. I am happy to report that I scored some good stuff! I mean, it can’t get better than FREE, can it!?

I have lusted after this storage desk for years and I am now the proud owner of it. The entry table I had in it’s place was a bit too antique-y looking for me so I’ve decided to give it to my mom.

Hello more storage!? Haven’t decided where this little chest will live yet but for now it’s just hosting a bunch of throws and sits in the living room.

Another minor but nice thing to score was the clock, that now resides over the TV.

My brother was nice enough to haul all of this stuff over to the house in his truck yesterday so while Chris and Jake played Playstation, I cooked a big pasta meal. I did substitute out the mozzarella for some regular marinara so it was nothing exciting and with the company I completely forgot to take a picture. (Sorry!)

I will make the dish as planned and post it in the next couple of weeks. After my brother left, I got distracted with moving furniture and hanging pictures (there was more loot, but the outcome of those pieces will come in another post!) I was too tired to run. So I didn’t.

It is my goal to have my bedroom finished by the end of September. I’m going to need 2 new lamps, a duvet cover with shams, a full-length mirror, new curtains and some other odds & ends. I have the list and their prices, just have to save and then put it all together. Ahhhh…the agony!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by CARMEN on August 18, 2010 at 3:48 pm

    i LOVE IT! i WANT IT!
    Did you get the other things we talked about?


  2. Posted by Sarah on August 18, 2010 at 6:31 pm

    I am on the 10 year plan…painting party at my house soon though. I think the color will at least make the bare walls tolerable.


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