The Best Hamburger, was not a Hamburger at all!

With so much to do to get ready to leave for the wedding in NY, Chris and I have been trying to finish most of the food we have before we leave, instead of grocery shop. Not a lot of time-intense meals going on in the kitchen this week and I hate to say it but I will be pretty MIA from the blogging world after today. Last night we decided to try a recipe I have been salvating over and while we were missing one key ingredient to make it special, it was still a bomb burger none-the-less.

Originally I wante d to make the Artichoke and Feta-Stuffed Turkey Burgers, but when I went grocery shopping last week they were out of artichokes. I didn’t realize then that I could’ve just bought the artichoke hearts in the can…once again, I’m learning! Neither Chris nor I felt like going to the store just to grab artichoke hearts so we decided to just eat the turkey burgers plain. I was still in the mood to jazz mine up a bit and Feta sounded so good, so after the burger was done I topped my turkey burger with the oh-so good crumbled cheese, red onions and spring mix. It was so good! I never want to eat a regular burger again 🙂

Claire’s Not-So Plain Turkey Burger

On the running front, I have to kick it in to high gear once this wedding is over. I’m only running at most 3 miles when I run and on average 7 miles per week. The half marathon is in November people! My plan is to be running at least 6 miles a few times a week by the end of August. September I’d like to be running 8, October=10. I heard if you can run 10 miles you can run 13. We’ll see!

I still have a hankering to try that Artichoke and Feta-Stuffed Turkey Burger recipe so look for how that turns out sometime in August. On another note, I CAN NOT wait…and I mean CAN NOT wait to see one of my bestie’s tomorrow. Betsy is like my older sister and we have a connection like non other and we’ve been separated for 1 year and 8 months and it’s high-time for a reunion! She is getting married and I could not be happier for her! Love you Bets!

Off to NEW YORK I go! Wait for the massive post on food, festivities and friends when I get back! 🙂


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  1. Posted by Emily on August 4, 2010 at 12:32 am

    You are so inspiring! Keep up the great work on the blog!!! The only nice thing about summer coming to a close it maybe you and I can Dine-n-Dash together on a regular basis! Enjoy the wedding! 🙂


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