So the painting has come to a screeching halt. Or rather, it never officially got started. Roadblock #1. I taped up the entire living room on Friday night and prepped as best as I could but after finding holes that needed to be patched and Chris’s perfectionism I have been forced to do this project “the right way” and hold off until next Saturday.

I guess I can live with it for 6 more days. Although it looks like this…

Roadblock #2 was the Hubs craving for Friday night pizza. I folded. How could I resist?

Saturday morning I knew we had a BUSY day but I really wanted to get a work-out in. I was originally supposed to run Latta with Linds but we had planned for 9:45 and that was just going to be pushing it. I ended up just running my normal 2 mile route around 9 (in under 18 minutes!!) and then immediately came home to make some cupcakes for the baby shower I hosted and a cold Green Monster smoothie! Refreshingly YUM.

After my liquid breakfast I went to the shower where I practiced some self-control but gave in to a few indulgences. I did have a cupcake (I figured, I made em’…might as well test them out) but steered clear of salty chips and other junk.

I decided not to go to my softball game this afternoon which is no bueno for the team (and Linds-sorry girl!) but I had to meal plan, go grocery shopping, laundry (all roadblocks #3, 4 &5) and if I don’t get some rest today I will burn out.

Gotta figure out what we are having for dinner! Anyone have any ideas? Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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