Happy Friday :)

Wa-whoo it’s the weekend! My running buddy Lindsay and I finished off the week with a really great run at Latta Plantation. It’s the kind of run like today that makes me love running outside. Latta has so many great trails and they keep your body guessing. Through hills, turns and the nature I almost forgot I was running. Not quite, but almost. I will say that the last three times I’ve run with Lindsay I think it has really helped. She is a better runner than me and they say running with someone who challenges you is a great way to get better. I’m not sure the mileage of today’s run because the trail wasn’t marked but we guessed it was about 3 miles.

Speaking of running, I am so paranoid that I’m going to pass out from the heat sometimes when I’m running outdoors. I live in the south and it is HOT. It tops out in the high 90’s most days and while I can always run at the gym, I have found it to be more beneficial to run outside for realistic purposes. When it comes to running races, I won’t have air-conditioning and all flat surfaces. I’ve been researching some gear to see what would help me out and right now I have my eye on this little guy…it’s pay day too so you never now. I might just nab it tonight off Amazon. Does anyone run with a utility belt? Or have any other great ways to beat the heat and stay hydrated during long runs?

After the run I got to work on dinner for Chris and I. I have our weekly meals posted on the fridge so I already knew I was making Parmesan-Crusted chicken. It was good, but honestly it wasn’t what I expected. I’m not going to blame that on the recipe however, since I didn’t really use one. That most likely added to the disappointment. I usually always work off a recipe but for some reason decided to wing this one. Furthermore, I’m almost embarrassed to post the picture of it I took with my phone because it’s horrendous. I will be so happy to get my camera back tomorrow so I can step up the blog in this area.

I paired the chicken with some steamed asparagus and some cous-cous. Chris has a new obsession with this side and requests it whenever possible. Dessert was a chocolate chip cookie right from the oven. Perfection.

Tomorrow I plan on hitting up Group Power at 10:30 at the gym. I love this class and try and take it every Tuesday and Thursday. I usually run on Saturday morning but I’ve run a lot this week and feel like switching it up. As much as I’d like to take a rest day, I have the Rascal Flatts concert and I know I will be pigging out on tailgating food (who can resist!?) and a few cold brewskies.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


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